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Klaus Schmid     09/19/2018 17:43 (UTC+00:00)

very nice: is the tooling somewhere available? I would be interested in doing a similiar extraction for another conference

Andryjuilt     12/26/2017 23:56 (UTC+00:00)

Основные способы гибки труб для производства теплиц и каркасных металлоконструкций     09/03/2017 18:44 (UTC+00:00)

Very nice and informative! Good for literature research for our students. 

Would it be an idea to include papers from earlier years, as well as the co-located workshops?


RE 2017 organizing committee     08/21/2017 12:20 (UTC+00:00)


We would like to invite you to add a feedback about this visualization tool.

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Thank you,

RE 2017 organizing committee

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