REAuthorNet - INFO

The RE author network visualization site showcases the history and evolution of RE, towards its 25th anniversary. The data is based on indexed proceedings (retrieved from Microsoft Academic API), and is available from the year 2003 (the 11th edition of RE) and on.

The site includes a dynamic network display of the RE community and static descriptive statistics of the conference papers.

The network section displays a visualization of authors who published in RE and the connections between them. Two different types of networks are available:

  1. Author network, in which the connection between two authors represents the frequency of these authors’ citations of each other. The graph is directed, so to show direction of citation (who cited whom).
  2. Authors’ bibliographic coupling network, in which the connections between two authors represent the frequency of shared references cited by both authors.

These networks enable identifying shared interests between individuals in the community, as well as the cohesiveness of the community as a whole. Two views are available – a general community view, and an individual author view.

The descriptive statistics enables an overall view of numbers of published papers, keywords and fields of interest over the years, most cited RE papers, and contributing affiliations.

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